Soule Family History and Genealogy Research

Researching the ancient Soule, De Soule,  De Sully surnames; and the modern Sully, Sowell, Sewell, and Seawell family surname

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Who We Are

We are either descendants of the "Soule Surname", or interested in the genealogical and historical research into  the surname origins and variants.

Our Family Tree

Our family trees are many and varied due to events in our many histories that caused the surname to change throughout history. You will find some true examples throughout this site.

The Soule Heritage Book

I am in the process of finishing a book which my be entitled " Soule Family Heritage". This site will attempt to provide some of that information for genealogical and historical research, and the book is intended to be a companion or literary work. 

My Blog

This site and blog are dedicated to the Soule Family Heritage and its many surname variations, and to record the history and genealogy so that other family members can draw upon the research in finding their own Soule ancestors and their own family histories. All information contained in this site is under Copyright of its respective owners, authors, and contributors, and cannot be used without their express writen permission.

J. Keith Sowell, MSSS

Genealogist and Author

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